Crime Life

Guy Georges
(Beast of Bastille)

On March 22, 1998, French authorities finally ended the hunt for Paris' feared "Beast of Bastille" when they arrested vagrant Guy Goerges for the rape-murders of four women. Soon, Georges confessed to three additional killings after being confronted with unbeatable DNA evidence in the original four cases.

Georges was the son of a French woman and an American soldier who abandoned him as a small child. He was brought up by a foster family but by adulthood began racking up sexual offenses which culminated in his first certain killing in 1991. Georges usually managed to gain consentual access to his victims' homes before turning on them, sexually assaulting them before tying the women up and cutting their throats.

Despite the DNA evidence and confession, Georges plead not guilty to all charges at trial, but eventually changed his mind and plead guilty before the end of the trial. On April 5, 2001, Georges was sentenced to a suprisingly light prison term of life with no possiblity of parole for 22 years. Georges has since hinted that he would rather committ suicide than serve out the sentence. He is still a suspect in a few other murders previously considered part of the Bastille series.