Crime Life

Calvin Jackson

Despite it's name, the Park Plaza Hotel was nothing close to high society. It was located in a crime-ridden section of New York and catered to older, poor people. In 1973 it became the hunting ground of small-time criminal turned slayer Calvin Jackson.

The youngest victim was first. Theresa Jordan, 39, was found suffocated in her room in April, 1973. Next was Kate Lewisohn, 65, found bound on her bed and strangled with head injuries. It wasn't until April 24, 1974 that the third victim was claimed. Mable Hartmeyer, 60, had been raped and strangled. Just days later Yeria Vishnefsky, 79, was found bound with her own stocking with a butcher knife lodged in her back. On June 8, Winifred Miller, 47, was killed and eleven days after, Blanche Vincent, 71, was suffocated to death.

July brought the killing of 69-year-old Martha Carpenter. On August 30 Eleanor Platt, 64, was suffocated to death. Finally Jackson broke pattern and struck at a nearby building, killing Pauline Spanierman, 59. She had been strangled, and like all the others, raped. Her television was found in another room of the building. That room was occupied by Calvin Jackson, who was living there temporarily. When it was found that Jackson also worked at the Park Plaza Hotel, police knew they had their man.

Jackson confessed quickly and was tried for the string of homocides. Evidently, after killing his victims Jackson enjoyed raping their corpse and sitting down to a meal before taking advantage of the situation and stealing some valuables. He was sentenced to eighteen consecutive life terms.