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Arohn Kee

Arohn Kee

Arohn Kee began his New York City spree of rape and murder, as far as anyone knows, on January 24, 1991 when he killed thirteen-year-old Palo Illera. On September 13, 1997 Kee did the same to Johalis Castro, 19, before burning her body beyond recognition. Not yet finished, he raped, sodomized, and murdered Rasheeda Washington 18, on June 2, 1998. During the time of these killings Kee also committed rape and forced sodomy against several teen girls.

A suspect almost from the time of the Illera slaying, Kee managed to evade serious suspicion until early 1999 when he was put under surveillance in the hope that police could gather some from of DNA evidence against him. Their break came soon afterward when Kee was detained briefly on theft charges. Though Kee refused to voluntarily submit a sample, one was gathered from a cup he used before his release. Kee fled New York before the results could link him to his sex crimes but was apprehended in a Miami hotel a few days later along with his very lucky seventeen-year-old girlfriend.

Though the defense attacked the method used to collect the DNA sample, he was still found guilty of the three murders and four rapes. When led from the courtroom after the verdict Kee shouted toward the spectators, "Fuck all o' y'all!" He apologized for the remark at his sentencing on January 25, 2001, where he recieved a 400 year prison term.

9/15/2004-Kee was sentenced to twenty more years in prison for the 1994 rape of a 17-year-old girl in a Harlem apartment building basement. Kee was recently linked to the case through DNA evidence.