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Monte Rissell

Yet another rapist-murderer, Monte Rissell killed five women in Alexandria, Virginia. A sexual deviant at a very early age, Rissell committed his first rapes at the unbelievably young age of only 14. Arrested for one of his crimes while still in High School, Rissell was sent to an institution. It didn't stop him and he fooled his counselors into thinking he was improving as he continued to rape women during short escapes and once even in the institution's parking lot.

With this accelerated violent streak it is little wonder that he began to kill much earlier than most serial killers. His first kill occurred after a rape near his own apartment complex and took place when he was just 18. In fact, before his nineteenth birthday he had committed and been arrested for 5 murders, all taking place in or near the apartment complex. He stabbed his last victim 50-100 times according to Rissell. He is currently serving five life sentences.